• International Matchmaking

    Looking for your next business partner?

    We want to make sure that you as a visitor are meeting the people you want to meet, at the right time. The wonderful international matchmaking program gives you the opportunity to have a customized meeting experience with your preferred participant, existing or new supplier. Use your time at the event efficiently and connect with participants you find interesting prior to the Healthy Food Asia trade event and set up face to face or hybrid meetings.

    The 2024 Matchmaking Tool will launch soon.

    How it works:
    • Set up your profile in the matchmaking tool
    • Search the matchmaking database for your wanted products or services
    • Set up meetings at the matchmaking area or at the stand
    Matchmaking benefits:
    • Find new healthy food suppliers and meet them in-person, pre-arranged
    • Recommendations based on your preferences
    Why you should join:
    • Get undivided attention during your customized 1-on-1 meeting
    • Guarantee your needs met
    • Make sure your meetings are scheduled prior the expo!
    • Get great assistance from an experienced matchmaker, VNU Asia Pacific